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Title Abstract

In the field of real estate, a Title represents a group of rights that belong to the property's Owner. Encumbrances include liens, taxes and unpaid mortgages on real property. They are listed in legal documents and our dedicated In-House & Ground Abstractors team will work in-tandem to retrieve all the required documents from Courthouses and Recorders' offices to prepare and Abstract Report.

Current Owner Search (O & E):

Considering the latest deed our researchers will perform a title search on the present title holder of the property in question. Our reports will cover all information on deed, tax status, county assessment information including all open mortgages, liens and judgements recorded against the property and the owner.

Two Owner/ Full Search

Our two-owner search report includes information on current vesting deed and all deeds leading back to the prior owner’s warranty deed, tax information and information on all outstanding mortgages, liens and judgements recorded against the property and the owners.

Full Title Search

Our full title search involves research on all current title holders and previous owners of the subject property. The chain of title including the current deed is reported, along with all open mortgages, liens and judgements recorded against the property. Easements, CC&R, agreements etc. affecting the subject property are also included

Mortgage Search

To Check Open Mortgages / Deed of Trust which is related to given property, and Additional Document which includeAssignment, Modification, Subordination, Substitution of Trustee, and upload the search docs in the file.

Deed Search

To Check the Full Value Deed to Start the Search, and to provide Chain of Title.

Legal and Vesting search

This search is conducted by pulling all relevant deed documents and identifying the latest vesting deed. Details like property address, parcel number, owner's name, legal description, and tax information are captured and a report is prepared with these details

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