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Commitment Typing

You can receive an error free Title Commitment effortlessly from Thinksmart Info Solutions. Our Commitment Typing Service will enable you to act swiftly to redeem the property from its various liens, pending dues, penalties, and interest and make it marketable.

Services Include :

  • Gathering the data from the title searches, lien searches, and property tax status reports and verifying them.
  • Typing the following reports - Vesting, Chain of title, Mortgage, Judgments/liens, and taxes information into the Client Application as per the Abstract report and generate the commitment report.
  • Creating a title plant according to your needs.
  • Our team of experts reviews the document for all the parameters like easements, restrictions, encumbrances, tax status, foreclosure, lien, tax, etc., and verifies the title chain, name, and legalities aligned to it.

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